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A little about our Rescue

Founded in 2012, Starfish Equine Rescue has been taking in neglected,abused,and unwanted horses out of kill pens. Starting with an off the track thoroughbred that was lovingly named Guinness. Since Guinness, many horses have run through our fields, and eventually finding their forever homes. We owe our success to our volunteers and generous donations that our supporters provide. We would like to thank you for your continued support and hope to see you at upcoming Starfish Equine Rescue events. If you are interested in adopting please see our requirements below. 


Minimum Adoption Requirements


Must be in good condition, highly visible, durable, and safe for your equine friend. 

Acceptable Shelter 

 Run-in-Shed must be suitable for the amount of horses on property. Footing must be clean, solid, and free from anything that could cause injury.

Run-in-Shed must be three sided with roof, and in good condition.

Stalls must be acceptable size for the horse or pony you are considering adopting. 

Field Size 

 Must meet local zoning laws and regulations. 

Must live within New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, or Delaware  


To be considered please answer these questions

  • What Are you looking for?
  • Do you have experience? If so explain. 
  • Veterinarian Reference/Name/Contact information.
  • How Much does it cost on average to feed a horse per year
  • Farrier Reference / Contact / Name
  • If you have a trainer their name and contact information.
  • Horse you are interested in 

Please copy this and email us at starfishequinerescue@yahoo.com

Finnegan'S FINDS


Finnegans Finds

Finnegans Finds

Finnegans Finds

 Finnegans Finds is a thrift tack shop where all proceeds go towards the rescues. Follow us on Facebook to see when we go live! 


we have shirts

Finnegans Finds

Finnegans Finds

Your donations go towards vet bills, feed, farrier care, and other horse related expenses. We really appreciate any and all donations. Including the purchases of apparel.